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Trading can be very difficult for beginners or even those with lots of experience.  Ultimately, a good trade is the result of an informed decision and proper risk management.  Using years of experience in trading, technical analysis, and programming, four indicators were created to greatly improve your trading.  These indicators can give insights as to when to buy on a dip, sell on a rally, indicate levels of support and resistance, and clues as to where to set profit targets and stop losses.

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Momentum Indicators


Kovach Momentum

Measures very short term momentum "spikes".

Kovach Chande

Measures mid term momentum.

Kovach OBV

Measures long term momentum.

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  • Currently our indicators are for Trading View only
  • Stress soon to be available for other platforms
  • You get all four indicators for the low low price of $19.99 per month!

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Testimonials from Real Traders

These indicators helped a lot!


Your reversal candle indicator marked red on the hourly and now it’s coming down!  Golden, this thing!!!